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Why your student visa could be denied?


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Are you in the process of going for your visa interview? There are common mistakes that leads to visa denial. Please do yourself good to avoid this and you will be successful.

What you say during your interview and what was written in your application should consistent. If someone did your visa application or your admission application, do yourself some good to know how the application was done and what went into it. This will help you to be informed about the information in your application.

📍Communicate Confidently
Most of the questions that will be asked during the visa interview has already been written somewhere in your Statement of Purpose. That is why it’s very good for you to do your application yourself or at least be informed of what is in your application. This will help you to answer your visa interview questions confidently. Most times it’s about how confident you say what you say and not how perfect. 📍 Two commons important interview questions you should know at your fingertips
🔅Why do you want to study your course? This question should have been answered in your SOP, so it is assumed you know why and be able to say that confidently.
🔅How will this course of study help your career? Again, this should have been addressed in your SOP. That is why you should have a well thought plan of what you want to do after you graduate, your career path. Other questions include:
🔅Your ties to your country: This question come in different fashion, so you have to be attentive.
🔅Sponsorship: This question is asked mostly when you don’t have full scholarship.

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