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Credential Review/Evaluation

young african college student reading in libraryOne of the critical processes of international admission is for the applicant to demonstrate that their qualifications of certificates are equivalent to those in the respective countries. This very tedious process is called credential evaluation. In partnership with local institutions in Nigeria and select West African countries, we conduct a first-level local credential evaluation to determine the authenticity of the credentials that are presented to us for admission purposes.

Our goal is to ensure that only candidates with authentic credentials pass through our process. No gimmicks, no backyard certificates. Period.

If the outcome of the local credential review is determined to be unfavorable, we terminate the process immediately. If the outcome of our local reviews is favorable, we assist the candidate to work with our partner credential evaluation service who understands the education system in the country of origin of the candidate. We will make follow-up calls with the service and ensure that the review results are completed on time and shared with the relevant admissions office.


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