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Students: We assist highly motivated and academically talented students with demonstrated zeal to succeed to navigate the rigorous international student admission process. We provide personalized admission information services and communication support to students clarifying every stage of the admission process including pre-admission eligibility tests, local credential reviews, vetting, and evaluation.

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Parents/Guardians: We engage the parents and guardians of our applicants to ensure that parents understand upfront every step of the process. We work with parents/guardians so they understand the commitments involved in supporting their children/wards achieve their dreams of international education. We bring parents and guardians along as partners in the entire process.

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academic institution
Academic Institutions: We help our partner institutions in Canada, USA, and UK achieve their international student enrollment goals. We help our partner institutions find highly qualified, motivated, and academically talented students from Nigeria and select West African countries. We implement a rigorous, detailed, local applicant pre-screening, academic credential review, vetting and evaluation to ensure that only the most highly talented, and motivated students with the potential to succeed in competitive international arena and with credible/verified credentials are put forward for admission to our partner institutions. We evaluate potential institutions to ensure that they are open to the diversity and richness that international scholars bring to them.

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To build bridges across nations through international education and for positive change of the global community.