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Financial/Sponsorship Verification

financial verificationFunding international education is no small task, but having the correct information is important for planning and preparedness. Whether you are interested in high school, undergraduate, or graduate education, you need to determine the cost of your education ahead of time. This is a very important piece of the admission process.


We provide a comprehensive overview of the financial costs of your education in the country of choice. Cost of education is not the same for all institutions. Therefore, we provide you breakdowns of the costs and provide options for institutions depending on your choice of course. We discuss with parents/guardians so they can prepare their resources for making this wonderful investment in their child/ward’s education. You will get your questions answered, have a full understanding of the process, and come away with a strategy to follow.


We conduct detailed verification of financial documentation presented for our admission process. If they do not meet our standards, they do not move forward. Our due diligence ensures that our partner institutions and other relevant agencies are confident about the authenticity of documents presented by students who pass through our rigorous process.


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